Mission to Get Healthy

Food Math… Who doesn’t love THAT subject?

My daughter and I went to see a nutritionist this week. Very successful visit. We sat there talking to a nice lady with a soft voice and encouraging smile for about an hour. Never once did she shame or belittle us for the types of foods we were choosing. “Just a little rearranging… maybe a few more options to include,” she said.

We went down a list of foods so she could learn all about my daughter’s likes and dislikes. Then we were given handouts with graphs and illustrations to learn more about how food works together, giving us the energy to get through the day. Proteins, sugars, fats, carbohydrates, grain kernels. They all have a role, and if put together properly, can help us stay super strong!


Ever since learning of her high triglycerides, we’ve changed some of the things we buy from the store and have altered some of the ways we prepare our meals. We’re not too far off on types of foods… it’s just the combinations that need adjusting. Those combinations make all the difference.

She can tell you, too, if you ask… “What’s the equation we’re looking for?”

“Fat + fiber + protein  > carbohydrates,” my brilliant one says.

And it’s a party when we look at the nutritional data and everything adds up!

BONUS if it tastes good!!

Back in that little charming room of food education, other words were thrown out that rang a bell…




          Chia seeds

Flax seeds


All types of whole foods buzz words that run around the health and wellness industry, especially in the yoga/all-natural world.

I’ve known they were beneficial for a while. But hearing them fall from the mouth of a dietician, and those ingredients immediately gain more weight in my book.

So, the goal is to keep a steadier level of sugar, or glycemic index, in the body (which is some of that info we all know but need to hear from time to time, as reminders).


Things to avoid: …pretty much everything white.

Things to eat and enjoy: …pretty much all that other healthy stuff.

But remember the combination…

Fat + fiber + protein > carbohydrates

I’m proud of our little 10 year old. She’s learning more about the best ways to eat and nourish her body than I ever knew as a young adult. And she’s totally open to ideas.


Her at age 5. (Photo credit: Patrick King Photography)

(psst…don’t tell her she’s practicing math too!)

Happy Healthy Eating (and Living)


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