Welcome to my Etsy shop!!

Since my last post, I’ve been working on something. Giving hints here and there on the sunshineandyoga facebook page. So, without further ado… I welcome you to my Etsy shop!!!



Come see me!!!



Remember this picture?? I thought what wonderful yoga words they were, but I also felt it was lacking a few. So I posted it on both Facebook and Instagram and loved the thought, community, and conversations it created. Then while I was researching for my upcoming Etsy shop, I couldn’t stop thinking about the beautiful words offered from friends all over.

And that’s when I decided… Those lovely 11 words posted by friends would be the first 11 necklaces in the sunshineandyoga2 shop.


…and so, the Number 11

I’ve noticed it appear a few times in the last 10+ years, however it’s appeared quite often lately. It’s considered a Master Number, because it is a double-digit of the same single number. When this happens, the vibrational frequency of the single number doubles in power. Meaning, the attributes of the Number 1 double.

The very basic and primary understanding of the Number 1 is that of new beginnings. So when we see this digit doubled (as with the eleven), these energies double in strength.

Just to give you a little background… the Number 11 carries with it a vibrational frequency of balance, of both male and female equality, of both sun and moon energy… yet holding them in their own separate spaces, in perfect balance.

Recurrences of this number can be a signal for us to check our awareness and balance in life:

  • balance of work and play
  • balance of emotion, thought and spirit
  • balance of masculine and feminine aspects

Elevens are mystical messages asking us, “Is something off-center in your life?”

It’s a very thought-provoking question. Finding balance in life – it’s quite tough to do, at times. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to ask yourself. And don’t be afraid to make room for something new or begin something new to bring in (or let go of) the energy you need to feel balanced.

Find that balance between effort and ease. 

Sabrie x x


4 thoughts on “Welcome to my Etsy shop!!

  1. Beautiful! I love your shop! So excited about your new adventure (and glad you could finally share)!! 🙂

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