30 Day Yoga Challenge

(more than) Halfway through the 30-Day Yoga Challenge

With 11 days left of my challenge, honoring the intention of exploration, I find myself redefining (an ongoing process) my definition of yoga. As each day passes, I notice my patience and acceptance level expanding. Below is the lovely breakdown of my day-to-day practice. It looks so simple glancing back, however some days in the moment – not so much. Showing up is sometimes the hardest part:

Day 4 – Nothing.

Day 5 – Early morning wake-up yoga. And when I say “early morning”, this was literally on top of my bed. A handful of seated poses and it was time to get ready for work.

Day 6 – Power Hour

Day 7 – Home practice

Day 8 – Pilates practice at home (not exactly Yoga, but I add it at the end)

Day 9 – Sun Power Bhakti

Day 10 – Nothing (beach day with my girls)

Day 11 – Nothing (late day at work)

Day 12 – Pilates practice at home

Day 13 – Nothing (woke up early with the intention, but one of my girls was in my bed)

Day ?? I’ve lost track. Life. It happens. But practice was good.

Day 18 – I plugged in my heater, rolled out my Pilates Reformer, and started my workout. 1, 2, 3, 4, … 8, 9, 10… moving through the warm-up, the Hundred, arms in straps rotation and variation, rowing combination, and I stopped. I just wasn’t feeling it. The counting, the repetition, the thought of going through a whole routine that I’ve done for… gosh, years! I like the routine and repetition on some days. The counting helps clear my head. Yet this day, my body was asking for more fluidity, more feeling and moving to where it wanted to go.

So out came my mat. I moved through the poses – down dog, plank, side plank, the warriors, triangle, and more (with variations galore!). It felt great, my body warmed, and my lungs filled with loving air.

Day 19 – Home yoga. I’m diggin’ this go-with-the-flow practice here at home.

Hamlet, my cat. Requiring his own mat (otherwise he takes over mine).

Some days one thing works, some days it doesn’t. Listen and follow what is in agreement with your heart. Move. Feel. Breathe.


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