30 Day Yoga Challenge

Day 3 of 30

Day 3 – Sun Power Hour class – I was iffy about whether to go to the studio or roll out at home. I wanted a good stretch this morning and thought I might get a better one here. However, in my effort to practice as much as I can outside of my home, I decided to head for the studio. And it was exactly what I needed!

It had been a while since I’d come to this particular class. In fact, the last time was during my teacher training sessions, so it brought back many wonderful memories. Especially that of our practice teaching towards the end… hearing the different teachers guide their 2 or 3 students through a practice – the centering, the rise and fall of breath sounds through vinyasas, then the guidance through shavasana as practice was drawn to a close. What wonderful, loving chi.

…but back to this morning. Since I had talked myself into going, I set the intention of being present. Moving through each posture and simply focusing on my breath for the upcoming hour. It was lovely. She took us through each posture until sweat beads were dripping off of me like a drippy faucet. She introduced a new-to-me pose. And as I moved from one variation to the next, I thought, “My hip just doesn’t want to move that way today.” But I accepted it and moved into the variation that fit my body presently and that allowed my breath to remain steady. In time with practice, my body will adjust and learn this posture.

I know this to be true, because today I was able to get into a posture that I haven’t been able to before. Full side plank, or full vasisthasana. Maybe I had the strength prior to today, but I wasn’t daring enough to try. It was fun! Yoga isn’t all about asanas (poses), however when you find you’re able to go where you haven’t before, it’s a nice feeling. You’re learning and growing and finding that balance between effort and ease to bring yourself into posture while maintaining an even breath throughout.

So keep trying, my friends. The body hears every thing the mind says. Be kind. Build your wings, even if it takes a lengthy assembly time.

Om shanti, loves.

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